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The Woodledge Whales Swim Team is an excellent opportunity for youth members to train and challenge themselves in a fun, competitive environment. If you are considering joining the team but have questions, we have put together a comprehensive explanation of the team, league, and expectations HERE. In order for swimmers to participate in swim team practice, THEY MUST be signed up for the appropriate session. These sign-ups will assist us in being able to create a safe environment for all swimmers to participate in.

2021 Swim Team Head Coach

Colleen McCormack

2021 Swim Team Assistant Coaches

Chris Davis, Ethan Kirkpatrick

2021 Swim League Representative

Flossie Davis              Sharon Sowka      

2021 Swim Team Managers

Sharon Sowka                 Danielle Garrick              Christina Conoscenti

Swim team managers can be reached at

Swim Caps are $15 and are available for purchase from a swim manager at practice and meets.
Swim Team Suits are available at Sartorius Sports, 
43A Welles St, Glastonbury, CT 06033.
Additional Woodledge Apparel is available on the APPAREL STORE. The shop will be open for 2 weeks and close on 7/15/2021.

COVID-19 Guidelines

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, our Woodledge Whales Swim Team has had to make some modifications to its practices and meets. These modifications have been taken from the guidelines put out by USA Swimming, the CDC and the State of Connecticut.

Social distancing guidelines will still apply to swim team for as long as the State of Connecticut requires such regulations. In order to follow these guidelines, we will have a maximum of 4 swimmers per laneduring each practice. COVID-19 is not transmittable through water, but the biggest concern is that it still can be transmitted through the air, thus, when swimmers are above water listening to instruction, there is a greater possibility of transmission.Lanes will be set up so that swimmers can follow social distancing guidelines and use the opposite ends of the pool.(i.e. Lane 1 will begin by the blocks, Lane 2 will begin by the baby pool, Lane 3 will begin at the blocks, etc.) When possible, we will work to keep family members in the same lanes. While swimmers are waiting for instruction, they will remain 6 feet apart from other swimmers in their lane. 

Because we are limited to 4 people per lane, this means we can only have 20 swimmers at each practice. In order to adhere to these guidelines, we will offering 2 shorter practices for each session. Seniors will have two 45 minute practices each day(8:30-9:15, 9:15-10:00) and juniors will have two 30 minute practices each day (10:00-10:30, 10:30-11:00).Swim team will still run from 8:30am-11:00am every weekday. Sign-up sheet is coming soon.

We will most likelynotbe holding meets with other swim clubs for this season. While this is unfortunate, we are working with the league to possibly have virtual swim meets or to have swim meets with just our team. This is still in the works and as soon as it is finalized, information will be relayed to Woodledge members. 

Swimmers will not be allowed to share equipment, including kick boards, pulleys, goggles, etc.This means it will be each swimmer’s responsibility to bring their own goggles, caps, towels, and water bottles to every practice. Kick boards and like equipment will not be required.